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Rogue Women Warriors

The “Diva Revolution” is nothing but a pure publicity stunt.

The revolution started years ago and it’s with the sweat, tears and blood of the women on the Independent Circuit that women wrestling became what it is today. The big promotions are only capitalising now on something that has been happening for years, which of course, is not a bad thing as finally, women wrestlers are giving a much deserved respect and recognition for their hard work.

However, there are still some people that still see women wrestlers as inferior competitors. These women are the rare fiends that complement a traditional wrestling card and vagabonds who travel from one town to another to live their dreams, with or without recognition. These rogues work harder every time they step in the ring to be seen as equal competitors, even better competitors.

Women’s wrestling of today is much more than fitting a certain mold. It’s about proving people wrong, honoring the pioneers and sharing the passion with the fans and doubters.

Atomic Championship Wrestling now proudly offers these most deserving women warriors another home for them to share their talent and passion with the world by producing high quality female wrestling matches featuring the innovators of this revolution: The hard working women wrestlers of the independent circuit.

Atomic Championship Wrestling is ROGUE.


The Fighters:

"Angel Of Death"
Angie Skye
Old Town, Sin City
5'5 - 165 lbs

Annie Social
North Killadelphia, PA
5'3 - 135 lbs

"The Black Widow"
Montreal, Qc, CAN
5'7 - 180 lbs

Gabby Gilbert 
Philadelphia, PA
5’ 2 -123 lbs

Jenny Rose
Philadelphia, PA
5'4 – 135 lbs

"The Last Pure Athlete"
Jordynne Grace
Austin, TX
5'2 - 150 lbs

"Death Machine"
Jessicka Havok
Defiance, OH
6'0 - 170 lbs

Kimber Lee
Seattle, WA
5'3 - 125 lbs

"Wounded Owl Ronin"
Denver, PA by way of Montreal
5'2 - 156 lbs

"The Modern Day Queen"
Maria Manic
Richmond, Virginia
5’8″ - 160 lbs

"Punk Rock Princess"
Mary Lee Rose
Montreal Rock City
5'3 - 130 lbs

Maya Musacchio
Denver, CO
5'3 - 130 lbs

The Dark Streets of Montreal
5'3 -140 lbs

“The Black Rose”
Nikki Addams
New York City, NY
5’5 – 140 lbs

"The Native Beast"
Nyla Rose
Washington, DC
5' 8 - 170 lbs

"Pink Flash"
The Dark Side of the Moon
5'5 - 130 lbs

"Crimson Queen"
Rebecca Payne
Foxborugh, MA
5'2 - 160 lbs

Savannah Evans
Charlotte, NC by way
of Reno, NV
5' 9 - 170 lbs

"The Sugar Creature"
Solo Darling
The Enchanted Forest
Taller than a stack of pancakes
Leaner than a pint of ice cream

Stefany Sinclair
Saguenay, Quebec
5'2 - 145 lbs

Sweet Cherrie
Montreal, Qc
5'1 - 180 lbs

"The Terradactyl"
Terra Calaway
Isla Nubla
5' 11 - 180 lbs

Veda Scott
Providence, RI
5'1 - 114 lbs


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