2016.04.02 Time Bomb


ACW Heavyweight Championship: Oxx Hogg w/ Max Tempest vs. Ed House

Annie Social vs. Nikki Addams

Pepper Parks vs. Nick Berk

Terra Calaway vs. Nyla Rose

ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Stefon Ramone vs. Suicide Myers

Jenny Rose vs. Black Widow Eve

Rob Lloyd vs. Judas Gray

Maria Manic vs. Rebecca Payne w/ Gillette

ACW Tag Team Championship 3-Way: Kanazawa & Jon Dahmer vs. Party Animals vs. The MOB (Jason Gotti & Shain Klopenza)

Angie Skye vs. Gabby Gilbert

ACW Tri-State Championship: Rob Noxious vs. Mr. Ping

Also Featuring Scotty Jeffreys, Twisted Tate, and Hayne!


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