2016.05.14 Sweet 16


ACW Heavyweight Championship Street Fight: Ruckus & Twisted Tate vs. Scotty Jeffreys & BJ Walker

Annie Social & Angie Skye vs. LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie

Lance Anoa’i vs. G-Raver

Rockin’ Rebel vs. Louis G. Rich

Jenny Rose vs. Stefany Sinclair

ACW Tri-State Championship: Judas Gray vs. Rob Lloyd

Solo Darling vs. Savannah Evans

CM Serenyi vs. Hayne

Rebecca Payne vs. Missy vs. Maya Musacchio

Rob Noxious & Mark Mest vs. Mr. Ping & Malcolm King

Bonus: Stefon Ramone vs. Pretty Fly vs. Jamie Senegal vs. Suicide Myers

Plus Oxx Hogg addresses his recent injury!


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