2016.11.05 November Coming Fire


Jesse Neal vs. Johnny Vicious

ACW Heavyweight Championship: Shatter vs. Hayne vs. CM Serenyi

Annie Social vs. Ashley Vox w/ Jawsolyn

Oxx Hogg vs. Judas Gray

ACW Tag Team Championship: Kanazawa & Jon Dahmer vs. Rockin’ Rebel & Jimmy Lyon vs. Jason Gotti & Scotty Jeffreys vs. Pretty Fly & Bobby Kruger

LuFisto vs. Kaitlin Diemond

ACW Tri-State Championship: Rob Noxious vs. Joey Blaze

Rebecca Payne w/ Gillette vs. Angie Skye

Twisted Tate vs. Breaux Keller

Delmi Exo w/ Jawsolyn vs. Azaelle


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