2017.07.15 Summer Meltdown


ACW Heavyweight Championship: Breaux Keller (c) vs. Red Scorpion

Facade & Twisted Tate vs. Stockade & Ruckus

Rogue Dark Phase Championship: Pink Flash Kira vs. Hellen Vale

ACW Tag Team Championship: Jason Gotti & Judas Gray (c) vs. Brian Kiesel & Prince Piranha

Rebecca Payne vs. Nikki Addams

Fans Bring the Weapons Handicap Match: Rockin’ Rebel vs. Louis G. Rich & Pretty Fly

Tess Valentine vs. Aria Cadenza

Scotty Jeffreys vs. Bobby Kruger

Angie Skye vs. Willow Nightingale

Rob Lloyd & Rob Noxious vs. Robbie Illuminati & Jon Dahmer


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