2018.04.28 Conquer or Die


Teddy Hart vs. Facade w/ Dani Mo

ACW Heavyweight Championship: Louis G. Rich vs. Rob Lloyd

LuFisto vs. Mima Shimoda

Colby Corino vs. Dylan Bostic

Rogue World Championship: Tess Valentine (c) vs. Jenny Rose vs. Kaci Dillon vs. Trixie Tash vs. Ray Lyn

Utamaro vs. Twisted Tate

Killhart vs. Breaux Keller

ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Senegal (c) vs. Brian Kiesel vs. Prince Piranha vs. Pretty Fly

Londyn Ali vs. Riley Shepard

Team Klopenza vs. Team Gotti

Kanazawa vs. Ace Dallas


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