2018.10.13 The Chemicals Between Us


Rogue World Championship: LuFisto (c) vs. Kimber Lee

ACW Heavyweight Championship: Victor Benjamin (c) vs. Facade w/ Dani Mo

Veda Scott vs. Tess Valentine

Twisted Tate vs. Nick Gage

KC Spinelli vs. Brittany Blake

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Stockade vs. Jon Dahmer

Riley Shepard vs. Lady Frost

ACW Tri-State Championship Battle Royale: Scotty Jeffreys (c), Brian Kiesel, Frankie Malibu, Jack Hershey, TK Mondoson, Wisly Jaccinor, Bobby Kruger, Killhart, Dan Striker

Queen Aminata vs. Amy Lee w/ Gillette

Trixie Tash vs. Sahara Se7en


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