2019.08.10 One Crazy Night


“Playboy” Bob Starr and “Stone Cold” Chad Austin vs. BLKOUT (Ruckus and Robbie Illuminati) with special referee Tonya Stevens

ACW Heavyweight Championship: Twisted Tate (c) vs. James Frazier

Midget Battle Royal

Tess Valentine vs. Kasey Catal

The Sandman vs. Gillberg

ACW Tri-State Championship (vacant): Scotty Jeffreys vs. Sarin Fawst

Mr. Chow vs. J Savage

Riley Shepard vs. Gemma Cross

Erica Leigh vs. Layna Lennox

“Cowboy” Kidd Quick vs. Shovelhead Chuck

ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Jack Hershey (c) vs. Bones vs. Dame Smith


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