2019.12.14 Doomsday: The End in Stevens


Andy Header vs Jack Hershey
ACW Tri-State Championship
Bones vs Scotty Jeffreys (c)
Trixie Tash vs Tess Valentine
The Rose Room
Felicia Rose with Twisted Tate
Sarin Fawst (w/ Coach Dan) vs Bobby Kruger
Special Challenge Match
Stockade vs J Savage
Erica Leigh vs Veda Scott
ACW Cruiserweight Championship
Romeo Castillo (MERC) vs Wisly Jaccinor (c) (w/ Coach Dan)
Rogue World Championship
Layna Lennox (w/ Gillette) (c) vs Vita Von Starr
ACW Heavyweight Championship (falls count anywhere)
Dame (c) vs Breaux Keller