Results 2020

Smells Like A Freakshow Newmanstown, PA July 18th, 2020

Referees: Larry Peace, Axl Fox, Kaci Dillon

  • Veda Scott def. Megan Mason by submission.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship: Bones (c) retains over Scotty Jeffreys.
  • Malaysian Heavyweight Championship (?): Chowberg (c) def. Jimmy the Jester.
  • Rogue #1 Contender Eliminator: Adena Steele def. Trixie Tash and Dani Mo.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship (vacated by Wisly Jaccinor due to injury): Sarin Fawst def. Jack Hershey. New champ!
  • Stockade def. Andy Header.
  • Rogue World Championship: Riley Shepard (c) def. Layna Lennox.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship: Dame (c) def. Tim Donst.

Come As You Are Reading, PA February 28th, 2020

Referees: Larry Peace, Bobby Johnson, Kaci Dillon

  • Johnny Moran def. John Wes.
  • Christina Marie def. Megan Mason.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Wisly Jaccinor def. Jack Hershey (c). New champ!
  • Dani Mo def. Avista Varlowe.
  • Tim Donst def. Breaux Keller.
  • Tri-State Championship Battle Royal: Bones (c) retains against Scotty Jeffreys, Brian Keisel, Bobby Kruger, Sarin Fawst, Mr. Chow (as Chowberg, 500-0 in Malaysia), Suicide Myers, Leo Sweet, Manic, Pretty Fly, Jack Hershey, and El Futuro.
  • Andy Header def. Gory.
  • Rogue World Championship: Riley Shepard def. Layna Lennox (c). New champ!
  • Crazzy Steve def. Facade.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship: Dame (c) def. Stockade.

If I Were Me Reading, PA January 24th, 2020

  • Leo Sweet def. General Keisel.
  • Bobby Kruger vs. Sarin Fawst (w/ Coach Dan): no contest.
  • Erica Leigh def. Megan Mason.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship Bullrope Match: Bones def. Scotty Jeffreys (c). New champion!
  • Vita Von Starr def. Avista Varlowe.
  • Trios Match: Mike Quackenbush, Breaux Keller, and ZERO def. Ricky South, Devantes, and Tunku Amir (The Crucible).
  • Andy Header def. Johnny Moran.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Jack Hershey def. Wisly Jaccinor (c). New champion!
  • Rogue World Championship: Layna Lennox (c) (w/ Gillette) def. Jenny Rose and Charlie Kruel.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship: Dame (c) def. Stockade.