Results 2019

Snow Day! Reading, PA December 28th, 2019

  • The Rose Room: Felicia Rose welcomed injured star Riley Shepard, who said her ACL was on the mend, and expected to return in March. Shepard declared that she was ready for absolutely anyone, but had her eye on Rogue World Champion Layna Lennox in particular.
  • General Keisel def. “Wild Irish” Riley Rose with a Death Star Trash Compactor (package piledriver).
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way (no disqualifications, no count-outs): Commissioner Max Tempest surprised competitors Leo Sweet, Jack Hershey, and champion Wisly Jaccinor by adding infamous former WWE star James Ellsworth to the match at the last possible moment. Nevertheless, and true to form, Jaccinor used his briefcase as a weapon in this no-DQ format to retain.
  • Sarin Fawst def. Bobby Kruger by pin fall. Kruger, concussed by repeated Fawst headbutts two weeks prior, was well on his way to avenging that prior loss until he flattened his own shoulders to the mat while applying a rear naked choke to Fawst. The referee counted a fall for Sarin, but Bobby protested that his maniacal opponent had tapped he felt it.
  • Charlie Kruel def. Megan Mason.
  • J Savage def. Mr. Chow.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship: Scotty Jeffreys (c) def. Bones. The two brawled post-match yet again, and Commissioner Max Tempest proposed a Texas Bullrope Match to settle matters in January.
  • Stockade def. Stan Stylez after a bizarre match involving Stan’s shakeweight, some whipped cream, and a double-arm DDT from the Deathmatch Asgardian.
  • Jamie Senegal def. Percy Drews with a spinning heel kick. In an incredibly strange turn, Senegal produced a bottle of indeterminate liquor mid-match and guzzled it, then forced more than a healthy swig down the throat of his opponent as well. Field sobriety tests were not administered, but both athletes seemed to be able to leave the ring under their own power.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship: Dame (c) def. Andy Header with a Sliced Bread #2.
  • Rogue World Championship: Layna Lennox (c) def. Tess Valentine with a rollup (full of tights). Afterward, Lennox and her manager Gillette put the boots to the three-time former Rogue Champion, Valentine, only to meet an irate Riley Shepard, who would send them packing.
  • After the formal end to the event, both Tess Valentine and senior referee Zach Carlucci retired in the ring, surrounded by wrestlers, staff, and fans.

Doomsday in Stevens Stevens, PA December 14th, 2019

  • Andy Header def. Jack Hershey, rolling the former Cruiserweight Champion up with a handful of tights. Very uncharacteristic of the Andy Header we’ve known.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship: Bones def. Scotty Jeffreys (c) via count-out.
  • Trixie Tash def. Tess Valentine by submission (Trixie Trap). Rogue World Champion Layna Lennox caused a distraction ringside during the match which muddied the purity of the contest, particularly for Valentine.
  • The Rose Room: Hostess Felicia Rose invited Twisted Tate, banned from the promotion and retired due to a match stipulation, to present evidence that he should not have lost the match that led to his current state. Using ACW footage, Tate showed that during the tag team contest at Absolution, James Frazier was in fact not the legal man when Dame submitted to his Cobra Clutch, throwing the match to spite Tate. Commissioner Max Tempest, who gained more power in Tate’s absence, begrudgingly revoked Tate’s retirement and banishment, but the new power structure of Atomic and Rogue is left unclear in the wake of this development.
  • Sarin Fawst (w/ Coach Dan) def. Bobby Kruger by referee stoppage. Fawst punished the veteran Kruger with headbutts until rookie official Axl Fox chose to stop the contest, the safety of the athletes foremost in his mind.
  • Special Challenge Match (catchweight): Stockade def. J Savage. In this bizarre mismatch, “Deathmatch Asgardian” Stockade punished his diminutive tormentor Savage for his repeated attacks using a replica Mjolnir hammer. Although Savage put up a spirited fight, the end was never in doubt. Stockade, having pinned his opponent following a brutal mafia kick, announced that Savage had earned his respect.
  • Erica Leigh def. Veda Scott after a Lunar Landing.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Romeo Castillo (MERC) def. Wisly Jaccinor (c) (w/ Coach Dan) by disqualification. Jaccinor handcuffed Castillo to the second rope and assaulted him with his courier’s briefcase, and the referee was forced to make the obvious call.
  • Rogue World Championship: Layna Lennox (w/ Gillette) (c) def. Vita Von Starr by submission with a Starbreaker (double underhook to Butterfly Lock). Gillette, the self-styled “MILF” of ACW and Rogue, made her presence felt at ringside, distracting the referee as Lennox blasted her opponent in the head with the Rogue title belt itself, leading to a win.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship (falls count anywhere): Dame (c) def. Breaux Keller with a Sliced Bread #2.

Tonight The World Dies Stevens, PA November 9th, 2019

  • Bones def. Mason Martin by count-out.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Andy Header def. Wisly Jaccinor (c) by disqualification when Jaccinor attacked his opponent with a briefcase. Jaccinor retains.
  • Amanda Carolina Rodriguez def. Erica Leigh.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship (Title vs Career): Scotty Jeffreys def. Sarin Fawst (c). New champion!
  • Commissioner Max Tempest and Twisted Tate engaged in their much-anticipated faceoff. Tate claimed that he had proof that his career should not have ended per the stipulation of the tag team match months ago featuring himself and Dame against Breaux Keller and James Frazier, and that he would present that proof at December’s event.
  • Vita Von Starr def. Corinne Mink.
  • Rogue World Championship: Layna Lennox (c) def. Kaci Dillon.
  • Jamie Senegal def. Jack Hershey.
  • Funnybone def. Stockade.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship: Dame (c) def. Breaux Keller. During the match, the ring’s top rope snapped, adding confusion to the battlefield. Keller knocked out referee Carlucci unintentionally during just one such moment of confusion, and Dame seized that moment to attack Keller with the title belt, leading to a pin fall. Commissioner Max Tempest announced that he was unsatisfied with the circumstances of this match, and that the two rivals would have to face off yet again in December falls count anywhere.

Monster Mash Ball Reading, PA October 25th, 2019

  • M.E.R.C. def. General Keisel.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Wisly Jaccinor (c) (w/ Coach Marx) def. Jack Hershey.
  • Felicia Rose of The Screw podcast fame attempted to interview new Heavyweight Champion Dame in the ring, but Dame posed wordlessly, refusing to respond to questions. When Rose got a little too incisive with the champion, he berated her, but Felicia hinted that she had something in store for him later in the evening.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship: Sarin Fawst (c) (w/ Coach Marx) def. Scotty Jeffreys. Jeffreys had recovered enough from previous offense to put a foot on the ropes during Fawst’s pin attempt, but the three count came down regardless. Commissioner Max Tempest told Jeffreys that if he chose to challenge Fawst yet again, he could do so, but his career would be on the line.
  • Victor Benjamin (w/ Lady Frost) def. Stockade.
  • Kaci Dillon def. Ashley America.
  • Facade def. Andy Header.
  • Rogue World Championship: Layna Lennox (c) (w/ Gillette) def. Dani Mo and Lady Frost.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship cage match: Dame Smith (c) def. Breaux Keller. Felicia Rose made good on her threat from earlier in the evening, as she escorted a man dressed as Halloween icon Michael Myers to the ring, who turned out to be Twisted Tate. Banned from ACW, Tate nevertheless attacked both Dame and Keller, and escaped before officials could call security to eject him. In the final moments of the match, Keller began inching toward the open cage door, only to find that Dame had leapt over him and through the door to the floor, winning the match.

Descending Angel Stevens, PA October 12th, 2019

  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Wisly Jaccinor (w/ Coach Marx) def. Jack Hershey (c), Bones, and Mr. Chow. New champion!
  • Ariela Nyx def. Neveah Chantelle.
  • Stockade def. M.E.R.C.
  • Queen Aminata def. Vita von Starr.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship: Sarin Fawst (w/ Coach Marx) def. Scotty Jeffreys (c). New champion!
  • Missy Sampson Retirement Match: Erica Leigh def. Missy Sampson and Gabby Gilbert.
  • Rogue World Championship (Tess Valentine vacates due to injury): Layna Lennox (w/ Gillette) def. MAX. New champion!
  • Thunder Rosa def. Amanda Carolina Rodriguez.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship: Dame Smith def. Breaux Keller (c). New champion!

Absolution – Stevens, PA – September 21st, 2019

  • Mr. Chow def. J Savage.
  • Kaci Dillon def. Casey Katal with a choke bomb.
  • Tri-State Championship Match (best of 3 falls): Jack Hershey (c) retains against Bones in a draw after each man scored a fall, and both were counted down by the referee in the third period.
  • Jamie Senegal def. Jason Gory.
  • Stockade def. Wisly Jaccinor with a spear. The “Deathmatch Asgardian” gave the young athlete a handshake after the match as a sign of respect.
  • Layna Lennox def. Amanda Rodriguez and Erica Leigh. The irrepressible Lee Sweigart commended the efforts of the athletes, and said we’d see all three again next month. He declared Layna Lennox the #1 contender to the Rogue Championship, announced that Rodriguez would face the returning Thunder Rosa soon, and told Erica Leigh to pick a partner for a tag match against “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee and a partner of her choosing.
  • Rogue World Championship Match: Tess Valentine (c) def. Lady Frost.
  • Breaux Keller & James Frazier def. Dame Smith & Twisted Tate when Dame seemed to intentionally tap early to Frazier’s barely locked-in Cobra Clutch. Per the match stipulation, Twisted Tate was forced to retire. Commissioner Sweigart came out to revel in what he called a removal of the “weakest link” in his organization.

Jack Hershey’s Chocolate Fantasy – Stevens, PA – August 24th, 2019

  • Mr. Chow & Bobby Kruger def. Wisly Jaccinor & Frankie Malibu (Kruger slammed Chow onto Malibu for the win).
  • ACW Tri-State Championship Match: Scotty Jeffreys (c) def. Sarin Fawst with a rope-walk Blockbuster.
  • Ruckus def. Dame Smith with a rolling Fisherman Suplex.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship Match (no disqualification, no count-out): Jack Hershey (c) def. Bones with a Sweetener.

Hail to the Queen – Stevens, PA – August 24th, 2019

  • Layna Lennox def. Trixie Tash
  • Missy Sampson def. Ashley America
  • Brittany Blake def. Anastasia Morningstar with a double-stomp.
  • MAX def. Kaci Dillon with a spear.
  • Rogue World Championship (vacant) Steel Cage Match: Tess Valentine def. Erica Leigh with Cradle Shock.

Punk Rock Afterparty – Stevens, PA – August 24th, 2019

  • Jason Gory def. Killian McMurphy.
  • Stockade def. Dame Smith with a spear.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship Match — originally scheduled as James Frazier (c) vs. Breaux Keller. Twisted Tate assaulted Frazier before the contest’s opening bell, and produced a contract for a title shot from the very briefcase he’d just used to lay out the sometimes-commentator. Tate briefly became the ACW Heavyweight Champion once again, only to be surprised by the contest’s scheduled challenger, Breaux Keller, who quickly defeated his former mentor to seize the title. Following this quick succession of champions, Dame Smith assaulted Keller, saying he was sick of the “straight poster boy”, and declaring that he’d “sold his soul” to Twisted Tate. Standing over Keller and Frazier, Tate challenged them to a tag team contest against himself and Dame for next month’s event, with the stipulation that should either Breaux or James be pinned, the Heavyweight Championship would fall to Tate.

One Crazy Night – Reading, PA – August 10th, 2019

  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jack Hershey (c) def. Bones and Dame Smith (Sweetener on Bones).
  • “Cowboy” Kidd Quick def. Shovelhead Chuck following a frog splash.
  • Erica Leigh def. Layna Lennox with a Flatliner. Prior to the match, Commissioner Lee Sweigart announced that Miranda Vionette had vacated the title due to injury, and that the winner of this contest would go on to face the winner of Tess Valentine vs. Kasey Catal on August 24th for the vacated championship.
  • Mr. Chow def. J Savage with a Yakuza Kick.
  • Killhart was forced to relinquish his ACW Tri-State Championship due to a torn pectoral muscle and subsequent surgery which will prevent him from competing for some months. The next contest, Scotty Jeffreys vs. Sarin Fawst, was then declared to be for the vacated title. Ultimately, Scotty defeated the ever more dangerous rookie with a rope-walk-to-Blockbuster combination, becoming the Tri-State Champion once again after a long, barren stretch.
  • The Sandman def. Gillberg with a rollup. The ECW icon somehow convinced Gillberg that the two of them should pair up at the bar inside the hosting venue, Reverb, and enjoy some beers with the fans, but as soon as Gillberg consented, Sandman rolled the unsuspecting Gill up for a quick three. In the end, they drank the aforementioned beers anyway.
  • Tess Valentine def. Kasey Catal with Cradle Shock. She will now face Erica Leigh in a steel cage on August 24th for the Rogue World Championship!
  • Announcer Joel Oresky and fearsome rookie Bones began what promised to be a long, self-centered series of speeches, only to be interrupted by a brigade of the midget wrestlers who had competed earlier in the evening. Shovelhead Chuck went on to win an impromptu battle royal (participants: Mr. Chow, “Cowboy” Kidd Quick, J Savage, Shovelhead Chuck, and Bones), and Mr. Chow proposed a permanent midget wrestling division inside Atomic Championship Wrestling.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship Match: James Frazier def. Twisted Tate (c) with a rollup — new champion! The play-by-play commentator, a former wrestler in his younger days, looked surprisingly game in a short contest. Following the pinfall, a furious Tate blasted the unlikely new champion with a Shining Wizard, only to be confronted by the members of the midget roster, who aided a confused Frazier.
  • “Playboy” Bob Starr and “Stone Cold” Chad Austin def. BLKOUT (Ruckus and Robbie Illuminati). ACW Hall of Famer and referee Tonya Stevens gave Robbie Illuminati a Stone Cold Stunner mid-match during a heated argument with the aggressive Philadelphia native.

1000 Points of Hate – Denver, PA – June 8th, 2019

  • Dark: Bobby Kruger def. Frankie Malibu via referee stoppage (rear naked choke).
  • Dark: Sarin Fawst def. Mr. Chow via pin fall after a rack bomb.
  • Brian Keisel def. Clutch Adams after a rollup.
  • Commissioner Lee Sweigart and Heavyweight Champion Twisted Tate took a moment to berate their audience, and went so far as to fire “Carolina” Jim, substituting a smug, outspoken Joel Oresky for the well-liked ring announcer. Play-by-play announcer James Frazier left his desk to confront Tate about his recent behavior, and revealed that the shadowy board of directors of ACW and Rogue had made him co-commissioner for the evening. He declared that with what little power he’d been given, he could say that “Carolina” Jim was not fired, and with that, relinquished the microphone to Jim so that the evening could continue.
  • BJ Walker def. Robbie Illuminati after fellow BLKOUT member Ruckus hit Illuminati with Walker’s multi-promotional championship briefcase, leading to a W for Walker.
  • Killhart Appreciation Night unfolded much as expected, with the Tri-State champion thanking only himself for all his recent success. He went out of his way to thank his “mentor” and “best friend” Scotty Jeffreys, and invite the “King of Controversy” into the ring, but Jeffreys quickly sickened of Killhart, and — whether through jealousy or indignation — attacked the young champion. The two brawled through the room, with Killhart getting the upper hand. Jeffreys vowed to get even.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jack Hershey def. Bones (c) — new champion! Following the match, Twisted Tate arrived to attack Hershey yet again. James Frazier confronted Tate in the ring, and a shove turned into a brawl. After a low blow, Tate told a beaten-down Frazier that he’d face him one-on-one next month, and had no fear of dying in the ring if necessary.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship Match: MAX (acting as surrogate for champion Twisted Tate) def. Erica Leigh and Trixie Tash, slamming one onto the other for a double pin.
  • Rogue World Championship Match: Miranda Vionette (c) def. Queen Aminata.
  • Ruckus def. Facade when BLKOUT sprayed Facade in the face with his own spray paint.

ACW 19th Anniversary: One More Step Toward the Grave – Denver, PA – May 18th, 2019

  • Brittany Blake def. Kaci Dillon.
  • Outspoken competitor BJ Walker came out with his newly-won Central Pennsylvania Money in the Bank briefcase to let the fans know that he hadn’t yet decided which promotion’s championship he’d decided to use it on, but that he was ready to take anyone at all to Table 3 of the Ass-Whippin’ Buffet.
  • Mr. Chow & Shovelhead Chuck def. Frankie Malibu & Sarin Fawst.
  • Commissioner Lee Sweigart said a few words to the audience explaining his recent actions, and then introduced Twisted Tate, who said he’d chosen Teddy Hart to defend his ACW Heavyweight against fellow conspirator Mr. Grim. Teddy, as always, had kind words for the audience, but didn’t seem to be aware of recent events concerning Tate’s refusal to defend his own championship. Taking Tate’s request as a friendly favor, Teddy consented to wrestle Mr. Grim in Tate’s place later on.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship Triple Threat Match: Killhart — with help from Scotty Jeffreys — won the title over challenger Bobby Kruger and existing champion Jack Hershey.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Championship Match: champion Dame Smith surprised Jamie Senegal with an armbar for the tapout, only to be assaulted by Twisted Tate, who went on to declare an immediate match between the fallen champion and Tate’s protégé, the heretofore unknown Bones. Bones quickly pinned Smith to become Tate’s new, chosen Cruiserweight Champion.
  • ROH star Stella Grey def. Trixie Tash.
  • Rogue World Championship Match: Miranda Vionette (c) def. Tess Valentine.
  • ACW Heavyweight Championship Match: Teddy Hart (defending for champion Twisted Tate) def. Mr. Grim.

Holy Wars – Denver, PA – April 27th, 2019

  • Pre Show Match – Bobby Kruger defeated Sarin Fawst and Frankie Malibu in a triple threat match.
  • Veda Scott defeated Queen Aminata.
  • ACW Tri-State Champion Jack Hershey defeated Killhart with the help of Bobby Kruger.
  • Trixie Tash defeated MAX.
  • BJ Walker and The Red Scorpion went to a no-contest when Rob Noxious laid both men out.
  • ROH star Jenny Rose Defeated Gemma Cross.
  • ACW Cruiserweight Champion Dame Smith defeated Jamie Senegal.
  • Rogue Women Warriors Champion Miranda Vionette defeated Brittany Blake.
  • The ACW Heavyweight Championship match saw Gory Defeat Breaux Keller, only to then gift the title to Twisted Tate in a shocking turn of events.

Fight Fiction – Denver, PA – March 3rd, 2019

  • Triple Threat Match: Jack Hershey def. Frankie Malibu and Sarin Faust.
  • Queen Aminata def. Dani Deville.
  • Killhart def. Bobby Kruger.
  • Lady Frost def. Missy Sampson.
  • Trixie Tash def. MAX via disqualification.
  • ACW Tri-State Championship Match: Jack Hershey def. Scotty Jeffreys (c); new champion!
  • Rogue Championship Match: Miranda Vionette def. Tess Valentine (c); new champion!
  • ACW Cruiserweight/Heavyweight Championship Scramble: Dame Smith (Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Victor Benjamin vs. Breaux Keller (Heavyweight Champion) vs. Mr. Grim. Mr. Grim defeats Breaux Keller (c) to become the new ACW Heavyweight Champion.

The Shape of Things to Come – Reading, PA – February 2nd, 2019

  • In a preliminary fight, “NCAA All American” Ray Jazz defeated “The Great Outdoorsman” Matt Montana with an Exploder Suplex.
  • Mr. Grim was victorious over “The Icon” BJ Walker with a Spinning Tombstone Slam.
  • “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash gor the best of newcomer Dani Deville (who was replacing the injured Max) via Missile Drop Kick.
  • As referee Zack Carlucci was down, Frankie Malibu came to the help of Wisly Jaccinor, only for everyone to be attacked by Sarin Faust. Getting back to his senses, Carlucci then saw Faust hitting Jaccinor, therefore disqualifying Hershey and giving a win by DQ to Wisly.
  • Before the next match started, Commissioner Lee Sweigart told Kimber Lee and Tess Valentine that the winner of the match would get an open contract to face the Rogue World Champion at any time of their choosing. Tess Valentine got the best of Lee when she reversed a pin fall after a top rope Swanton giver her access to the very important briefcase.
  • Queen Aminata knocked out Lady Frost with a devastating Yakuza Kick to the face to get the 1-2-3.
  • Commissioner Lee Sweigart came at ringside to address him “quitting” at the last show as he explained he just couldn’t deal with Scotty Jeffreys and Killhart anymore. However, he explained that because of his passion, he was going nowhere. He then proceeded to invite Bobby Kruger out. Even if Kruger had been hated for years by all, Sweigart mentioned that Bobby had been homeless and lost his father in the past few months. However, his love for professional wrestling was always there. As the crowd rallied behind Bobby to cheer him up, Jeffreys and Killhart came out to laugh at him, calling him a cry baby. Pissed off, Lee ordered a match between the Killhart/ Jeffreys tandem against Bobby Kruger and the commissioner’s special guest… None other than Robbie E!!
  • Robbie E and Bobby Kruger defeated “Hot Shot” Scotty Jeffreys and Killhart with a DDT from Robbie and a Splash from Bobby on Jeffreys! Bobby then grabbed the Tri-State Championship telling the crowd he wanted it!
  • ACW Heavyweight Champion Breaux Keller retained his championship against Dame Smith with his Falcon Arrow. Smith was first distracted by the presence of General Keisel at ringside which Keller didn’t notice. Holding the championship and grabbing Smith by the hair, Keisel told both wrestlers that he should be the champion. Breaux Super Kicked the General and Smith put him down with a Calf kick. Dame then gave the championship to Keller as a sign of respect.
  • A knee to the back from Deppen, a Shining Wizard from Twisted Tate and a running kick to the face of Mason Martin from Tony Deppen gave them the win over Martin and his partner Matt Wylde.
  • Despite being visibly hurt by all the damage Thunder Rosa had afflicted on her back, LuFisto rolled up La Mera Mera with a hand full of tights to retain her Rogue World Champion. She shook Rosa’s hand after the match only to attack her again and blaming her for her pain. As LuFisto was arguing with Rosa, Tess Valentine ran in, cashed in her open contract and hit her Fireman’s Carry Driver to get the pin fall over LuFisto and become for the second time in her career, the Rogue World Champion!
  • Victor Benjamin and Lady Frost came out and address the fact that ACW Cruiserweight Champion Lance Anoa’i had failed to appear because he is scared of the Savage Gentleman. With the blessing of Commissioner Sweigart, Dame Smith came out and mentioned that, he might not have been able to win Breaux’s championship, so her was trying for the ACW Cruiserweight now and that he would bring this one home… Which he did after Lady Frost mistakenly blew snow in Benjamin’s face which gave Smith the opportunity to knock him out with an Inziguri to become the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion!!